The labyrinth of Porsenna in Chiusi

Porsenna is the legendary Etruscan King of Chiusi Lucumo even present in stories and stories of the whole territory. It is said that the great King of the Etruscan civilization of the 5th century BC. He left behind a treasure of immeasurable value, consisting of five thousand gold hen with chicks, hidden inside a mausoleum for all to see. The treasure was sought from several expeditions throughout history, but has never been found. Between excavations and legend without foundation, the legacy of Porsenna is probably a folk legend survived until the present day. However, within the city of many archaeological and historical references Closed of undeniable value, worth a visit by all those who are fans of Etruscan civilization, including the labyrinth of Porsenna. Today you can visit under the National Archaeological Museum of Chiusi is not, of course, the labyrinth of legends of Porsenna. This is a series of tunnels, discovered in 20 years, that wind in the basement of the city Closed to a maximum depth of 25 meters; created by the Etruscans in the 5th century BC, served as the drainage system and water supply. The path, freely accessible to visitors, continue for about one hundred and thirty meters and emerges as a fascinating journey along the hydraulic system of the time, which was divided under the entire city. From a monumental sandstone tunnels of the Etruscan-Roman cistern, circular, with central pillar and double barrel vault. Above the cistern in the 12th century, was erected a defensive Tower, now converted into the Bell Tower of the Cathedral, from which you can admire a magnificent panorama. For those interested in history and culture, the labyrinth of Porsenna can be visited along with the Museum of the Cathedral from Piazza Duomo in the Centre of Chiusi. Tel. 0039 0578 226975-mail:

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