The extra virgin olive oil in Valdichiana

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the typical products of our territory: thanks to hilly slopes of Val di Chiana Senese, the clay soil is especially suited to the cultivation of olive trees. Olive oil is used in abundance in local cuisine and typical Tuscan recipes: this is a health food and beneficial, which can be used both for cooking is for the sauce raw, even on a simple slice of bread. Extra virgin olive oil is a real food and not just a seasoning: it is composed of many healthy components, is very rich in vitamin E which strengthens our immune system and protects against cell aging. It also helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and promotes raising levels of good cholesterol. The production of oil in Valdichiana is characterized by important qualities of taste, is perceived on the palate a taste bitter and spicy at the same time. Many farmers and local producers offer bottles of extra virgin olive oil in markets, shops and county fairs, available to residents and visitors. In addition to being considered one of the characteristic elements of the local gastronomy, the extra virgin olive oil is the focus of many events across the territory. The most important are held in Trequanda, Castelmuzio and definitely, especially renowned for this production: thanks to "Olive Festival Novo" visitors on the weekends of October, can sample the new productions and walk through markets and thematic meetings, in addition to participating in conferences and cultural insights. Then there are appointments to Chiusi, Montepulciano, Sarteano and Sinalunga with the national day "walk through olive groves": trekking with guide and tasting of typical products. Events provide the involvement of their museums, the Pro Loco and local olive Mills, with tasting of bruschetta and fresh oil, workshops for children and sporting activities. The first edition of the event will be held simultaneously on Sunday 29 October, all day long.

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