The Chiusi Lake

A small lake surrounded by Tuscan countryside: Lake Chiusi is a haven of peace and tranquility that is located a few kilometres north-east of town, next to the tombs of Etruscan civilization that made him famous. Not far from the Lake of Montepulciano, with which it forms the "clear" of the Valdichiana, a legacy of the ancient swamp occupying the area and subsequently reclaimed. The Chiusi Lake is located on the border with Umbria, not far from Lake Trasimeno; It is distinguished from the docks where you can find fishermen or children playing. Surrounded by reeds formerly extensive, is a perfect place for lovers of nature and serenity; There you will encounter fish and birds of many varieties, many water lilies and native plants. While there was established a nature reserve, represents an important environmental value due to the presence of flora and fauna typical of damp and marshy reeds. The Chiusi Lake is approximately 300 hectares, with a maximum depth of 5 meters; You can explore it by using small rowing boats, while it is forbidden to use motor boats. In the vicinity of the Lake the path of reclamation, the long journey on foot or by bicycle that goes so far as to Arezzo and crosses all campaigns of the Chiana Valley affected by reclamation. In the past the inhabitants of Closed they called "Moonlight", because an old legend says that on clear nights the beautiful goddess of the sky were contemplating itself in these waters.

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