The castle of Sarteano

The castle of Sarteano is a stage that can not miss in the itineraries of lovers of history and culture. Built on a travertine rock and surrounded by a park of oak trees, the Castle dominates the town of Sarteano since the middle ages. From its battlements you can enjoy a splendid view, which ranges up to Monte Amiata. Visit the castle of Sarteano is simple, thanks to the integrity of its facilities, austere and squared: the drawbridge to the Central keep, by circular towers up to interior corridors, the castle is well preserved and allows us to reconstruct its ancient defensive function. The story of Sarteano tells of numerous attempts of failed sieges, much to regard it as an impregnable fortress. Initially the fortress belonged to the counts Manenti, to its current name. Since 1997 is part of municipal property and is open to the public since 2004, after extensive restoration and cooperative management Clanis Service custody. The castle of Sarteano is not only a place for those who love history, architecture and medieval villages: it hosts numerous events and cultural initiatives that enrich the value. In addition to theatrical performances and folklore events that use the garden and the square in front of the fortress, the Fortress project Manenti Art aspires to transform it into a container of art for exhibitions of photography, painting and artistic events in General. The structure of the Castle helps you design an itinerary: four stories, four rooms per floor, four metres square in size for every room, photographic works are exhibited along the tracks of the halls, in a fascinating journey that by the drawbridge leads up to the terraces. The first exhibition of the project "RAM" was to Yoshie Nishikawa of 2016, internationally renowned Japanese photographer. Since April 2017 houses the exhibition dedicated to Enzo Ragazzini, a retrospective of photography entitled "reality and abstraction." The exhibition will be open and visible every day except Mondays during the following hours: from 10.30 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00.

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