The Bravìo delle Botti of Montepulciano

The Bravio delle Botti of Montepulciano Il Bravio delle Botti is the Palio delle Contrade di Montepulciano which takes place in the famous town of Siena, on the last Sunday in August. The word "Bravìo" derives from the vernacular "Bravium" and refers to the prize awarded to the winning Contrada, comprising a painted cloth bearing the image of the city's patron saint, San Giovanni Decollato, in honor of which held the Bravio delle Botti. The event is grafted onto a chapter of history dating back to 1372. In those days the race between the districts was disputed on horseback, a tradition that was shut down shortly after, on grounds of public policy. Of the eight districts began to talk about it earlier, but it is from 1407 that were established and with the same names have arrived to date: Cagnano, Collazzi, Rib, Gracciano, Poggiolo, San Donato, Talosa and Voltaia. Each district has its "Societas", with a Chief named "Rector". The ancient history of the districts of Montepulciano was is all modern symbolism, which, inspired by the past, maintained until today the same nomenclature, colors, emblems, territoriality, and above all the same pattern of ceremonial. In 1974 he was Don Marcello Del Balio, Pastor so loved by Montepulciano, who rediscovered the contrade, riconsegnandole to the city that had somehow forgotten. From that moment they were introduced the "Pushers ', two for each district, which pushing along a cask of 80 Kg, fighting for the bristling 1650 meters of the course of Montepulciano, the" Bravìo "cloth every last Sunday of August. In modern times the insertion of casks has wanted to be a strong appeal to one of the main typical territory of Montepulciano: the Vino Nobile.

Here are the descriptions and colors of the districts:

Cagnano: green and blue; lactating dog coat of arms;

Collazzi: yellow and green colours; Armorial Orcas cavalcade;

Rib: yellow and blue colors; six oblique bands Crest;

Gracciano: green and black; dominant lion coat of arms in gold field;

Poggiolo: white and blue colors; Crest three Parker;

San Donato: white and red colors; coat of arms the Episcopal insignia;

Talosa: yellow and Red; Crest three roses;

Voltaia: red and black; stylized shield Crest time hooked up.

On the last Sunday in August is the day when you dispute the Bravìo delle Botti: the morning from 10:00 in Piazza Grande takes the starting order of the barrels, the branding, the heralded of Alfieri, delivery by the municipality to the magistrate of Contrade of "cloth of Bravìo", the offering of votive candles in s. Giovanni in the Cathedral. In the afternoon at 15:00 begins the parade of impressive historic procession along the streets of downtown. Finally, at 19.00 the barrels begin to roll the stone from the Marzocco column: the first district to arrive on the Parvis of the Cathedral, Piazza Grande, awarded the victory and celebrates all Montepulciano.

The week before the race was eventful and fascinating events, such as the proclamation of the Gonfaloniere and the procession of candles. Every evening the districts are open and ready to welcome with parties, dinners, games, music and wine, in addition to the tests at night of the pushers. The event annually attracts thousands of tourists throughout the week of events, strengthening the spirit of the whole community of Montepulciano.

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